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Cheap Hotel Rates in Central America and the Caribbean
Some of the most popular Caribbean and Latin American cities, for Australian visitors, are listed below. The tiredTRAVELLER.com web portal links Aussies to great value discount accommodation throughtout Central America and the Gulf of Mexico rim (prices displayed in Australian Dollars AUD) as well as other useful visitor information - just click and go! If your destination city is not listed, then simply enter it directly into the box above & search for cheap accommodation. To change from Caribbean / Central America to a different region, click - Pacific Islands Europe North America Asia South America Africa & Middle East.

Caribbean & Central American locations

Antigua - Traveller Information for Antigua
St Johns - Cheap Hotel's in St Johns - Travel Guide - Guided Tours

Bahamas - Traveller Information for Bahamas
Freeport - Cheap Hotel's in Freeport - Travel Guide - Guided Tours

Barbados - Traveller Information for Barbados
Bridgetown - Cheap Hotel's in Bridgetown - Travel Guide - Guided Tours

British Virgin Islands - Traveller Information for British Virgin Islands
Road Town - Cheap Hotel's in Road Town - Travel Guide - Guided Tours

Cayman Islands - Traveller Information for Cayman Islands
George Town - Cheap Hotel's in George Town - Travel Guide - Guided Tours

Costa Rica - Traveller Information for Costa Rica
San Jose - Cheap Hotel's in San Jose - Travel Guide - Guided Tours

Dominican Republic - Traveller Information for Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo - Cheap Hotel's in Santo Domingo - Travel Guide - Guided Tours

Guatemala - Traveller Information for Guatemala
Guatemala City - Cheap Hotel's in Guatemala City - Travel Guide - Guided Tours

Jamaica - Traveller Information for Jamaica
Kingston - Cheap Hotel's in Kingston - Travel Guide - Guided Tours

Panama - Traveller Information for Panama
Panama City - Cheap Hotel's in Panama City - Travel Guide - Guided Tours

Puerto Rico - Traveller Information for Puerto Rico
San Juan - Cheap Hotel's in San Juan - Travel Guide - Guided Tours

Trinidad and Tobago - Traveller Information for Trinidad and Tobago
Port of Spain - Cheap Hotel's in Port of Spain - Travel Guide - Guided Tours

US Virgin Islands - Traveller Information for US Virgin Islands
Cruz Bay - Cheap Hotel's in Cruz Bay - Travel Guide - Guided Tours

Bulgaria - Traveller Information for Bulgaria
Sofia - Cheap Hotel's in Sofia - Travel Guide - Guided Tours


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